ZDAR Care instructions

By purchasing your Zdar Boot you have received a high quality product made almost exclusively from natural materials.
However, it is precisely due to the high quality of the various components from which your shoe was produced, that it is occasionally necessary that the product receive the proper care in order to maintain its longevity.  

Here are some tips:

-The wool felt used in our product is made from German wool felt, which is 100% pure new wool of the highest quality. Due to its high residual content of natural tallow and oils, as well as its density, our wool felt is extremely resistant to moisture, cold, but also heat, while at the same time maintaining its breathability. Wool felt of the quality used in this product is extremely water resistant, and can be said to be of the quality standard “Waterproof”.  However, from time to time it is still recommended to treat the felt with a commercially available waterproofing spray, where appropriate, to increase and maintain its resistance to moisture.
-The wool felt of your Zdar Boots is very resistant to dirt and contaminants. In the unlikely event you should need to remove dirt or other contaminants, the most successful way you can accomplish this is with a commercially available brush, preferably one made from natural bristles (a natural brush). After brushing away the dirt and contamination from the surface, it is recommended that a coat of waterproofing spray be applied to the felt (see above). Only brush if the felt is dry.

-Suede:  It is recommended that you waterproof at regular intervals here as well. Rough contaminants should simply be brushed out (see Felt). Our leather is generally speaking a “Goretex” standard, treated with a special silicone coating on the back side to protect against moisture. The stitches have also been coated with a silicone protectant to prevent the penetration of moisture. Over time, this silicone protectant will lose some of its effectiveness, which can be reinforced through the application of a high quality leather oil containing silicone. Please note, however,  that the surface application of the leather oil may permanently alter the visual appearance of the material, as the leather may take on a spotty appearance, especially when the leather oil  comes from certain professional sources, such as cobblers or machinists, and are brushed on and/or brushed into the leather.
-Sole leather:  Sole leather is generally resistant against dirt and moisture. The back side of the sole leather used in our products are coated with a special silicone protectant against moisture. From time to time, the leather should be treated with a high quality leather oil to maintain the leather elasticity. To increase and maintain the leathers resistance to moisture, you can also apply a leather oil with a silicone content. In general, we recommend an untinted leather oil due to the fact that the tinting can diminish the effectiveness of the leather oil, as well as permanently alter the visual appearance of the leather. Rough contaminants are best removed with a moist sponge, followed by a careful cleaning with a special soap-based leather cleaner. After each cleaning you should treat the leather with a high quality leather oil, as even a gentle leather cleaning can diminish elasticity.

An important factor when it comes to the durability and preservation of your ZDAR Boots is aeration and oxygen. Your ZDAR Boots can become moist from both the outside and the inside. From the outside, generally through rain, snow, mud, etc. However, every foot also transfers moisture and does so more during movement than when standing still. When there is a high accumulation of moisture, your shoes will necessarily require a longer resting period in order to slowly disperse the stored moisture. Even the removable foam insole, which is made of high quality fine-pored PU Foam, can store moisture. In order to speed up the drying process of your ZDAR Boots, you should first remove the foam insole and allow it to dry in a dry and airy space. After that, in order to speed up the drying process of your ZDAR Boots, you should stuff them with balled-up newspaper. Always allow you ZDAR Boots to gently dry in a dry and airy space.   Never stand them up, or place them near a heating device!